Admission at Institute of Business & Technology- IBT is on a highly competitive basis. IBT aims to maintain their excellence through the selective students intake. We recognize the importance of having in place appropriate policies and practices relating to the recruitment and admission of students. The admission policy recognizes the importance of the provision of accurate and appropriate pre-entry information. The Policy supports the prospective students and ensures that all applicants are given every opportunity to choose programs in an informed manner so that they admit in a suitable program. Career Counselors provide free counseling sessions to counsel prospective students in matters related to their career in general and studies in particular. Candidates are expected to possess a minimum eligibility level as per eligibility criteria. To achieve the specified grades/percentage in entry test does not guarantee an admission since Institute receives many applications than the seats available. After completing all admission procedures, final list is prepared and approved by the Admission Committee on merit. The students are selected on the basis of the personal guarantees, academic references, grade-based information of past academic records and other assessment tools on case-to-case basis. The Admission Committee consists of two selectors, one Senior Faculty member and one from the Admissions department. Those who fail to meet minimum requirements of a program may be offered a place in another program, provided if they meet minimum requirement of that program as laid downs in the prospectus. The Admissions Office, if requested, may provide general information on the reasons for being unsuccessful but will not usually be able to give detailed feedback. The decision of the Committee is final. Application Form is available online at the instituteĀ“s website while the Prospectus may be obtained from the Admissions Office of any campus during working hours. Prospectus by post can be requested with an advance payment through bank draft including postal charges while giving complete mailing details and an intended area of study. Admission Department welcomes all applicants graciously. Based on applicants ambitions and aspirations, Admission Department may advise you for the course of study. Please donĀ“t hesitate to ask for a Career Counselor at the Admissions Department as they are there to help applicants to make a better choice for themselves. However, in case an applicant cannot be physically present at any of our campuses at IBT, following two options can be availed: Calling a Career Counselor at the CCP Department and he / she will be more than happy to answer your queries. Ph: +9221 - 111-428-428


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